I Will Not Fail!
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Dear friends and readers, today is the day for new posts. I’m going to continue answering questions from our readers about how to deal with the fear of failure. I’ve already written in a previous post here about this topic, but as it is so important, I am going to continue writing about this topic.

I want to share with you an illustrative story of something that happened this very week, during a team meeting we had a powerful insight. At a certain moment during the meeting, we were planning details of a product launch. According to our plan the launch date was 10 days away, but in our meeting doubts started to arise. This led to a discussion about delaying the launch… there wasn’t enough time… we were not going to reach enough people… blah blah blah… an endless stream of doubts. Personally I am against delays as the reasons are rarely necessities and the results hold back progress, therefore, this whole delay thing makes me very uncomfortable. This aversion to delays does not come from nowhere, it arose from years of training, from the learning from the mistakes and situations that, for better or worse, I’ve experienced. Hahahaha. At the conclusion of our meeting we had not changed the launch date. Why not? Because during our discussion we understood that what really was pushing the deadline back was our fear to fail.

It is really important to identify when you are under the effect of fear, or suffering from the paralysis of fear. In my experience this is one of the key factor that holds people back from being able to achieve everything they desire: to know how to identify this situation. Once you have the awareness everything becomes easier.

We feel an enormous weight generated by our personal perception of what is success and what we feel is expected of us to be achieved in our life. This is compounded by external expectations from our families, friends and even society itself. Social pressure has a significant role in the manifestation of these fears. Nonetheless, there is some good news: like so much in life is all a matter of reeducation and training. It is mandatory that you can start developing the ability to look to yourself and analyze honestly is you are in the process of find excuses or surround the action, doing the indispensable and facing the risks.

So how can you continue to develop? Well, train your ability to start asking yourself, when you feel this type of pressure, questions like: Am I being pragmatic? Am I finding excuses? Am I thinking about what people will think? Am I fearing failure? Am I avoiding the next actions?

These type of questions will help you to develop the ability to identify this fear and you will start facing and dealing with it. I assure you that it will become easier and easier with time and experience 😉

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