To Commit Or Not To Commit?
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Hi everyone, another week and we are back to what matters 🙂

Following what we have been discussing – how to develop a targeted approach to being an entrepreneur – I think it is time to approach the topic of commitment. Without commitment, no matter how good the intentions are, there will be no achievement.

Let me share with you a little of the story of this blog. For several months I wondered if it would be a good idea to do it, if I wanted to do it and blahblahblah… This blog only took shape the day I committed myself. First with my business partners, then with some of my students and friends, who demanded from me, almost daily, to do something like this… The moment I committed myself with these people there was no hesitation, the blog started! I bought the URL, I hired the hosting and started doing the programming for it go online… Is it perfect? No, not even close to what I have in mind… However, it is good enough and online, which is better than near perfect and not online. Perfection is attained along the way. I really like to do things very well, but I can tell you that this can be a hindrance to accomplishing. However, you should not interpret my words perversely, I’m not saying not seek perfection. Rather, what I do say is to strive for perfection and improvement without it getting on the way of getting things done!

As we discussed previously, things often don’t happen because we waited for the ideal conditions, or because we wanted to know everything about a subject, to avoid all surprises, or have the perfect partners for a project, or the perfect timing… there are no perfect conditions. Could these desires and expectations of perfection now lead to a roadblock and a failure to get started? Could these thoughts not be just another form of procrastinating?

All this applies to being an entrepreneurs as much as it does to your personal life… I am guilty of this sin… how many trips did I not go on?! How many relationships have I failed for doing nothing?! How many new people have I not met because of these thoughts or simply by being lazy?!

From my point of view these very expectations and thoughts are preventing us from achieving considerably more than we already have…

The solution to reduce delays and to stop all of the “leave it for later” is commitment. Commitment can be of two types, personal commitment and interpersonal. The strongest commitment, in my view, is personal – the one we commit with ourselves. But regardless, what we want to make things happen! Please don’t underestimate the interpersonal commitment because it is really effective to push you onwards!

Commitment is a great tool to make us do and achieve, it is a healthy form of stress that drives us towards the accomplishment of our goals. When I commit to a date, I put my word in checkmate before the people to whom I commit myself. Learn to want this pressure to achieve more (which is really healthy) and live with the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction resulting from seeing everything move forwards!

Here is an easy challenge for you: Can you commit to writing a brief response to this week’s blog?

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  1. Tim Whiteside Reply

    Your comment that commitment to yourself is the strongest commitment is interesting and something for me to think about. I usually find that I am more energized and motivated when I make a commitment to another person(s).

    • Ricardo Reply

      Hey Tim thank you to respond. I say that because I think it is very powerful in the way it transforms you from within as well as your attitude. Otherwise the commitment with another party is well effective to get things done, probably more then the one with yourself 😉 hug my friend! See you around.

  2. Chante Ramsey Reply

    Love this post! I have issues with procrastinating at times and to be motivated to stay committed can be challenging. But I think when I held accountable whereas others are reliant on me or when I have a deadline to meet how can I subject myself to procrastination? I just push forward and do what needs to be done!

    This is a great topic – I would of be interested in seeing you discuss the challenge me of dealing with the unexpected and how instances like that impact your commitment to accomplishing your goals.

    • Ricardo Reply

      Thank you Chante! That is a nice topic, I will definitely write something about it, my experience of course 😉 Nice to have around here.

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