Put Yourself In Rough Situations to Continue Thriving
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Last week I experienced what I considered to be one of the most difficult challenges of life as an entrepreneur. I am going to share this story in a moment, but first today’s post will be about how to never stop evolving and growing.

If I want to maintain my development process as an entrepreneur, and even as human being, I personally believe that I often need to put myself in uncomfortable, unexpected and unprecedented situations. The fact that I willingly look for these situations allows me to uncover weaknesses that I can fix as well as train new skills and capabilities. I believe that this confirms our common believe, that evolution happens in adversity. I have started several new projects in moments of adversity, the most remarkable and profitable started this way, but that is a subject for another post.

OK, let me share wha happened to me last week so we can dive into the topic of this post. I want to place myself in unique situations and therefore, when I was invited to talk about my work for TV, I did not hesitate to accept both the offer and challenge. But… the situation was a little bit more complex than I imagined… I was going to be interviewed, live, and I would have to do this in Spanish — a language I am ok at, but clearly I do not feel confident to give an interview, let alone a live one…. There was no margin for error. And you know what? This was also my first live interview for TV. Yay…

Let’s be honest… my Spanish is ok. I can teach in Spanish, I can do consulting — for these situations my skills are good enough. My experience is not that extensive, but now I feel like I just added more… This is a key insight: our experience does not increase all at once, it is adding one situation after another, and another, that will build up your knowledge.

Anyways… I traveled to Spain, specifically Madrid, where I met my student and friend Isra Garcia. He has just launched a book about ultra-productivity and had just done a signing session which was the lead in for the TV Interview. The interview was for a channel called Non Stop People, for their program El Hub. The situation was real!

The pressure was significant. As those who know me will tell you… I am not one to have many nerves, or to be on edge of losing control, in any situation, but this time, I truly felt the challenge. Two hours before the interview I felt something so strong that it manifested itself physically… I had to run to the bathroom, the pressure and stress levels were quite high… I had to run to prevent a disaster – ahhahaahha. I reached a limit. It was clear that I had to do something or else I would make a fool of myself, I would lose the opportunity, or worse!

So I did what I teach… I executed a breathing technique which considerably eased the physical stress, I even walked into the TV studios doing it. This allowed me to get to the interview with a stable cardiac pace which helped to maintain my biological rhythm, my emotions stable and my mind clear. How this works is a topic for yet another post. I was ready to do my best. As the interview started, the two hosts were quite entertaining and easy going. It was thanks to them that the situation felt more casual and comfortable.

The results? I will let you judge for yourself! I am going to send the link to the interview via email soon. So if you are not subscribed into my list, add yourself now by clicking here…

So what is the point of this story? Well… I shared with you this recent personal story to show you the importance of putting ourselves in these unique situations. It is only when we need to rise to the occasion that we can truly achieve growth in our personal and professional capacity and development.

In conclusion, to be an entrepreneur is to really stress your limits. You will have to learn to cope and thrive in unprecedented situations. This is one of hundreds of learnings which I have had over the past 15 years as an entrepreneur. I leave you with this thought: if you want to develop yourself as an entrepreneur, or have an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to foster uncomfortable situations that force you to challenge and develop your capabilities so you can address them. Overcoming these unique situations – or failing at them – will always make you better prepared for the next situation. The way we deal with failures and successes depends on how we deal with the situations in our life. But this will be the subject of the next post…

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      Thank you dear!
      What did you think about the post and the subject?

    • Ricardo Reply

      Thank by the comment Isra!
      See you tomorrow for more hard work 😉

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  2. Maria Reply

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing it! I will catch up with your blogs

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      Thank you Maria! What are the subjects, concerns or doubts you would like us to discuss in the blog?

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